Standard Website Pricing Table

Note : This Pricing is only applicable for standard website development. May vary in case of customized template /combo offer.


INR799915 Days
  • No. of Pages Supported:4
  • Maximum Upload Size: 50MB
  • Individual Hosting:No
  • Email Account:5
  • Maintenance Period:3 Month


INR1299925 Days
  • No. of Pages Supported:10
  • Maximum Upload Size: 200MB
  • Individual Hosting:No
  • Email Account:10
  • Maintenance Period:4 Month


INR1999930 Days
  • No. of Pages Supported:25
  • Maximum Upload Size: 1GB
  • Individual Hosting:Yes
  • Email Account:100
  • Maintenance Period:1 Year


INR2599945 Days
  • No. of Pages Supported:50+
  • Maximum Upload Size: Unlimited
  • Individual Hosting:Yes
  • Email Account:Unlimited
  • Maintenance Period:3 Year